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How the Tickler File System increases Immunisation Rates in South Sudan

Across the world, several countries are still grappling to meet the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global target of 90% coverage. In SouthSudan, children’s immunisation schedules are often disrupted due limited access to healthcare facilities, lack of knowledge, nomadic and pastoralist lifestyles, flooding and armed conflict.

Through the Health Pooled Fund South Sudan (HPF3) programme, we developed the Tickler File System, which traces how many children in the country do not follow up on their immunisation schedule.

Launching the system in 20 health facilities in Juba County, we ensured that between June to July 2022, 8,730 (89%) children under one year were vaccinated with the third dose of the Pentavalent vaccine, protecting them against five deadly diseases.

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