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Responding to Sustainability and ESG Risks and Opportunities for Boards and Senior Executives /

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The environmental, social and governance (ESG) aims of all governments and organisations have shifted dramatically in line with unprecedented risks to sustainability. Boards and Senior Executives must now assess these critical issues and seek innovative solutions to environmental threats, which can in turn open up opportunities for a better and more sustainable future.
Major threats to sustainability can emanate from climate change, ecosystem degradation, geopolitical uncertainties, digital advances and disruption, pandemics, and rapidly changing social demographics, behaviours and expectations. Stakeholders are putting unprecedented pressure on boards of directors and governance practices to ensure business is conducted responsibly and takes into account sustainable economic performance and societal and environmental impact. Global ESG and sustainability standards, measures and reporting requirements are evolving and must also be adhered to.
This course will equip Boards and Senior Executives to lead the necessary organisational transformation and transition planning to meet their ESG and sustainability goals. It will be a catalyst for enhancing standards of governance excellence, integrating ESG considerations to provide the right strategic direction, lead performance and compliance of the organisation and achieve the best outcomes for all stakeholders.
Course Participants
This programme is designed for current and future executive and non-executive Board Members and Senior Executives.

Course Objectives

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand ESG and sustainability in a global and local context, and meet the requirements, standards and expectations of stakeholders
  • Strategically re-assess your organisational direction - purpose, vision, values, policies and practice
  • Appreciate the enablers of sustainability and ESG and recognise the transformation and cultural change required to be able to drive through impactful solutions
  • Apply effective governance over sustainability and ESG risk and ensure the risk management, compliance and control frameworks are adapted and robust
  • Drive forwards a conducive culture based on fairness, integrity and ethical behaviour, openness and transparency, accountability and competency
  • Identify the sources of sustainability and ESG financing and funding opportunities available to the organisation

Key Topics

  • Sustainability, environment, climate, society and good governance
  • Risk governance and management for sustainability and ESG
  • Global ESG and sustainability standards, measurement and metrics
  • Stakeholder engagement around ESG issues
  • Alignment of organisational direction
  • Structural reassessment, adaption and transformation
  • Cultural and behavioural elements of ESG and sustainability
  • Integrated assurance and oversight
  • ESG and sustainability disclosure, transparency and reporting requirements

All courses will be conducted entirely in English. A proficient level of both spoken and written English is required by all delegates so that they are able to fully benefit from the course and participate in our interactive style of training.

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