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Ensuring Employee Health and Wellbeing as an HR Leader – Africa /

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For several decades we have been able to prove there is a link between wellbeing, engagement and performance. Employers have seen the benefits of having health and wellbeing on the HR agenda, and organisations have reaped the rewards of high-performing employees.

In the modern world however, there is increasing pressure on peoples’ work and personal lives. Recent surveys indicate rising numbers of employees reporting increased levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace, which have been compounded by financial and health crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, wellbeing is now a high priority for HR Leaders.

This five-day course examines the essence of wellbeing, focusing on the ‘pillars’ developed by the Reward and Employee Benefits Association. The impact of job design, culture and recruitment, along with the recognition and reward processes employees are subject to, will be explored to gauge their impact on wellbeing. The course will also look at a broad range of initiatives that can be developed to improve the health and wellbeing of all employees within your organisation.

Course Objectives

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Define the meaning of wellbeing and explain the 6 Pillars of Employee Wellbeing
  • Understand the different needs of various employees
  • Identify the role of HR in addressing issues that impact on employee wellbeing, including HR functional activity
  • Understand the value of surveys to provide data on levels of health and wellbeing within your organisation
  • Explore areas for improvement within your organisation based on the 6 pillars and start to develop initiatives to improve employee wellbeing
  • Empower employees to invest in their own health and wellbeing

Key Topics

  • Importance and definition of wellbeing
  • Models of wellbeing – REBA’s 6 Pillars of Wellbeing
  • HR’s role and the impact of the working environment on wellbeing
  • Assessing wellbeing within your organisation
  • Developing initiatives and new ways of working to improve health and wellbeing
  • Return on investment - realising the benefits

All courses will be conducted entirely in English. A proficient level of both spoken and written English is required by all delegates so that they are able to fully benefit from the course and participate in our interactive style of training.

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