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Our work with Japanese government

We have been privileged to have contributed to the implementation of the Japanese government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) in more than 30 countries from the Pacific to South America. This includes:

  • Procurement support for non-project grant aid – an untied programme that supports business growth in developing countries through supply of capital equipment and supplies. To date we have managed over 130 grants in more than 30 countries with a total value of approximately USD 1.8 billion. For example, we have purchased irrigation pumps and greenhouses to help grow Zambian roses for export and locomotives and workshop tools to help refurbish the railway system in Mozambique.
  • Procurement support for grant aid for environmental and climate change - as part of Japan’s ‘Cool Earth Partnership’, a commitment of USD 10 billion to help developing countries reduce emissions and combat the adverse effects of climate change. This includes large solar installations in Africa, forest surveys and support for preservation and equipment to reduce the impact of floods.
  • Procurement support for grant aid for food aid (KR), including purchase of wheat, rice and maize, as the procurement agent for Japan's Kennedy Round grant (under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1967). We have currently supported Kenya.
  • Consultancy work to support professional procurement practice for JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and their implementing partners around the world, from Bosnia and Brazil to Zambia and India as well as procurement advisory and related services to Yen Loan projects globally.

Our work with the Japanese government started in the 1980’s, with procurement and consultancy work for Japan’s denuclearization programmes in former Soviet Union states. From 2003, we have been working in partnership with JICS to implement emergency grants to Iraq, providing essential equipment to rebuild Iraq.

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