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Saving Lives Through Solar Energy

Access to reliable electricity is crucial for the delivery of quality healthcare. Yet, over 60% of healthcare facilities in low- and middle-income countries suffer a lack of dependable electricity. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how this problem weakens critical patient care and vaccine storage systems, severely undermining the capability of frontline health workers to save lives.

At the current pace of health facility electrification, many countries will fail to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring good health and well-being by providing equitable and universal health access by 2030.

Climate change is exacerbating the problems that many communities around the world are already facing in accessing basic health care. As extreme heat, drought and flooding impact vulnerable populations, the need for stronger, more resilient health care systems which are responsive both to longstanding and newly emerging health care challenges has never been more urgent.

The Crown Agents Solar4Health programme tackles these challenges by enabling delivery of reliable, affordable and clean solar energy to healthcare facilities at scale.

Our focus is on countries in sub-Saharan Africa whose citizens are deeply challenged by poverty and are highly vulnerable to climate change risks. This innovative initiative combines our extensive experience of working with governments to successfully strengthen health systems in the world’s most deprived countries, with our growing expertise in procurement and delivery of affordable, durable renewable energy solutions.

The Solar4Health programme aims to raise over $160 million to improve health outcomes for 90 million vulnerable people. This will be done through enabling the climate-compatible, sustainable solar electrification of 10,000 healthcare facilities across 15 countries
in sub-Saharan Africa.

Discover our Solar4Health brochure here.