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Medicines, vaccines and health technologies reaching the last mile

Crown Agents routinely co-ordinates multi-sector partnerships to deliver optimal supply chain performance for the efficient and safe delivery of essential medicines, vaccines, and health technologies. Our health supply chain ensures that essential healthcare products reach those who urgently need them, especially during emergencies. Crown Agents’ ability to substantially increase access to life-saving drugs, medicines and vaccines transcends traditional, top-down structures and technical solutions.

Crown Agents consistently embeds local contexts into our programme approaches. We regularly factor in the importance of manoeuvring diplomatically through the ever-changing politics of reform in resource-constrained environments.

Our work in supply chain services provides the knowledge, systems and last-mile expertise needed to source and move life-saving drugs in a way that increases the quality of life for citizens. Over the years, Crown Agents has successfully delivered 13 million packs of essential medicines in South Sudan annually. We also continually develop bespoke international freight options across the globe, offer warehousing storage in Sierra Leone, coordinate last mile logistics, and provide training and capacity building of national health supply chain systems.