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Integrated COVID-19 and Routine Immunisation in South Sudan

This article reflects on the successes and lessons learned from integrating COVID-19 vaccine outreach into routine immunisation in SouthSudan. Crown Agents did so through mobile units, targeting 22 counties across 7 states.

South Sudan’s healthcare system is marred by poor infrastructure, limited resources, and severe health worker shortages. This means that the country has some of the world’s worst health indicators, including low coverage of childhood immunisations and COVID-19 vaccinations.

In less than three months, Crown Agents, through the Health Pooled Fund 3 (HPF3) and its supporting partners, including Montrose, reached over 35,000 children with routine immunisations. Our integrated approach has allowed the simultaneous delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, which ensured 51,700 people aged 18 and above were reached with the COVID-19 vaccine.