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Our Impact in 2022

Crown Agents began the year continuing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic around the globe.  However, in February 2022, another prominent crisis began with global ramifications: Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine has not only led to hundreds of thousands of dead and over 8 million refugees across Europe, but also sparked a global food and energy crisis set against the backdrop of growing climate change.

In these challenging times, I am incredibly proud of the skill and courage of all our dedicated Crown Agents staff and their work in difficult environments.

When Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, our teams in Ukraine and across the globe mobilised immediately. Having worked in Ukraine for 25 years and been embedded in the Ministry of Health, we partnered with NGOs, Corporates and Foundations to respond. To date, we have procured and delivered over 700,000 lifesaving items to those affected by the war, including first aid kits, oxygen concentrators, premature baby incubators, generators and patient monitors.

On the continuing battle against COVID-19, we are continuing to work with our partners, Gavi and UNICEF, including playing a prominent part in responding to health waste as we work towards the safe and ethical disposal of vaccines globally.

However, the key to effective future response are resilient health systems. Crown Agents has decades of experience in making public institutions more transparent and efficient- whether we are integrating the control and management of neglected tropical diseases into government agendas, encouraging greater financial accountability in the health and education sectors, or training civil servants through our world-renowned Professional Training and Development Facility.

Alongside conflict and pandemics Climate Change continue to be a huge threat to our collective future. Through our Climate and Energy practice, we support practical interventions that help countries transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient economies. Our work spans waste-to-energy incinerators in Barbados to solar electrification to rural health clinics across Africa.  We strive to ensure that governments and communities are enabled to meet their environmental, social and economic development goals.

I hope you enjoy reading about our impact in 2022. We thank you for all your wonderful support as we meet the challenges of 2023.

Fergus Drake OBE, Chief Executive Officer

Fergus was awarded an OBE in the 2023 New Year’s Honours List for services to UK/Ukraine relations in the Health sector.

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