b'I am enormously proud to have seen once again this year how Crown Agents has had such a positive impa\x1f on some of the worlds toughe\x1e challenges. CONTENTS / This report is about our impa\x1f in 2019 - but looking ahead we enter 2020 with renewed impetus to play04 / 06 / 08 /our role in achieving the Su\x1eainable Development Goals by 2030. I am convinced of two things that will help accelerate progressa capacity to transform and improve sy\x1eems that comes from a deepMessage from our CEO South Sudan: Helping to heal aMyanmar: Empowering local under\x1eanding of real operational con\x1eraints and local contexts; and the importance of long-termfragile nation groups to meet local political vision and commitment. humanitarian needs The journey to self-reliance is never linear. Countries frequently face humanitarian or nancial crises, and governments are fragile during political upheaval. Political vision is needed to su\x1eain focus throughout such turbulent times. But under\x1eanding how to help governments make the right choices about the10 / 12 / 14 /allocation of public resources and how to embed good pra\x1fice in their sy\x1eems is o\x1cen as important. This is Crown Agents core capability. Sierra Leone: Helping toFund Management: Our proje\x1fs around the worldIt was the opening of political \x1bace a few years ago in Ukraine that created an environment in which wedeliver long-term changeSmart money in a complex worldand pro\x1beritywere able to have such a positive impa\x1f on the countrys health sy\x1eem. Our detailed focus on the causes of operational con\x1eraints in Ukraines medical procurement has helped rid the sy\x1eem of corrupt pra\x1fices and saved public money to \x1bend on be\x1aer health services. The political leaders who championed tran\x1barency in the procurement of essential drugs have been able to build tru\x1e with civil16 / 18 / 20 /society and patient groups, helping to safeguard reforms into the future. Journeying to self-reliance End to End Supply Chain Half a century of development Similarly, Crown Agents is pushing ahead on climate and su\x1eainability by bringing our tried and te\x1eedwork with Japanexpertise to new challenges. We are helping governments in Africa and Asia to diversify their economies and their energy supply, by rolling out renewable energy. Again, its about ge\x1aing the operational details right. Our meticulous in\x1be\x1fion of solar equipment and in\x1eallations, guidance on the logi\x1eics andprocurement process, and assi\x1eance in leveraging public-private partnerships to nance greeninitiatives are all examples of the contribution we are making to help turn political commitments into22 / 24 / 26 /outcomes. How Crown Agents helpsEnsuring the future of ourSu\x1eaining self-relianceBut nally, coming back to the personal. I learnt years ago that su\x19ering is not caused by poverty Ukrainians with cancerplanet in climate crisis with Training andalone, but by the failure of the sy\x1eems that should provide support to people. I have met too many live longer Professional Developmentwomen who have lo\x1e children because of \x1eockout of medicines or lack of access to healthcare.For this reason, I was delighted this year to see the impa\x1f of Crown Agents work in Zimbabwe.Through a results-based approach that puts decision-making power in the hands of local people andclinicians, services are being designed around meeting the a\x1fual needs and con\x1eraints faced bywomen in their community. The happiness of Grace whom I met in one of the clinics we support with her new baby, the r\x1e of her family to give birth in a clinic, told a thousand \x1eories of positive change.MARIE STAUNTON / Chair'