b"22 /CANCER ISNT A DEATH SENTENCE:HOW CROWN AGENTS HELPS UKRAINIANS LIVE LONGER /This cant be happening to me, many men andRegular screening to enable early dete\x1fion of the women mu\x1e think in the moments a\x0eer theyredisease is key to saving more lives in Ukraine. This is diagnosed with cancer. In Ukraine, this happens tothe message that should be delivered to our women 140,000 citizens annually. Thats every fourth manand they should comprehend it so we can make a and every sixth woman.shi\x1c, says Ihor Motuzyuk, Surgeon-Mammologi\x1e at The Ukrainian government has made policythe National Cancer In\x1eitute. commitments to ensure that expensive cancer drugsViktoriya Romaniuk was a patient of the National remain free in the country. The Mini\x1ery of Health ofCancer In\x1eitute who bene\x1aed from our programme. Ukraine r\x1e entru\x1eed Crown Agents to procure theseIn 2016, at age 43, she was diagnosed with brea\x1e medicines in 2015, a\x1cer the country was hit by acancer. Our procurement work meant Viktoriya was two-year shortage.able to receive the expensive chemotherapy drugs she Our su\x1eainable, tailor-made, end-to-end supply chainneeded, free of charge.solution has helped to solve this previously unmetToday Viktoriya is free of cancer. Together with other need. It also saves the government money bysurvivors whom she got to know when she received employing competitive, tran\x1barent procurementher diagnosis, Viktoriya created a support group that processes. Over the la\x1e four years, weve cut the co\x1eeventually grew into an NGO. According to Viktoriya, of cancer drugs by nearly 40%, ensuring Ukrainiansher engagement with many patients rea\x17rmed the su\x19ering from this deva\x1eating disease can accessurgent need to educate people regarding the free treatment.importance of early dete\x1fion of cancer. In a continuing e\x19ort to ensure the health ofOngoing dialogue between Crown Agents, do\x1fors, and Ukrainians, in 2019 Crown Agents launched two newpatient organisations like Viktoriya's NGO, resulted in a drug procurement programmes. As well as focusingnationwide awareness campaign to ght cancer in on improving the supply of drugs, we have worked withUkraine. The aim is to publicise the need for our partners to address some of the demand sideUkrainians to have regular preventative check-ups to issues. This has included working with others onenable do\x1fors to \x1bot cancer early. improving early diagnosis and developing a cancer awareness campaign.TALK TO: TANIA KOROTCHENKO / Ukraine applies modern cancer treatment methods inCountry Dire\x1for, Ukraine accordance with international oncology \x1eandards,tetiana.korotchenko@crownagents.co.ukguidelines and protocols. Unfortunately, making innovative treatments accessible to cancer patientsIMPACTsometimes isnt enough.OUR LATEST \x16\x1b\x15\x14 ADULT Cancer rates are increasing worldwide, in rich and poor countries alike. But when it comes to survivalONCOLOGY PROCUREMENT rates, whether you live in an emerging or advanced economy does make a di\x19erence in how long youllPROGRAMME HAS FREED live. In Ukraine, more than half of cancer patients die of the disease, almo\x1e twice as many as in We\x1eernUP \x1a\x1b% SAVINGS FOR THE Europe. Do\x1fors a\x1aribute this discrepancy toGOVERNMENT OF UKRAINEinsu\x17cient early diagnosis of the disease in Ukraine."