b'12 /FUND MANAGEMENT: SMART MONEY IN A COMPLEX WORLD /Strong, durable delivery sy\x1eems for public servicesGirl Powerare essential for countries to build self-su\x1cciency.The World Health Organisation e\x1eimates that 214 When Crown Agents manages resources for donorsmillion women in developing countries have an unmet and governments robu\x1ely and securely, this freesneed for modern contraception.* Crown Agents is up funds for capacity building and otherproud to partner with the Childrens Inve\x1ement Fund development priorities.Foundation (CIFF), to give women and adolescent girls We are proud of the positive impa\x1f and long-la\x1eingin eight countries access to a powerful tool for family value we deliver, from a combined pot of over $750planning. CIFF has inve\x1eed $50 million over the pa\x1e million from four very di\x19erent funds. We lead proje\x1fsve years in expanding the di\x1eribution of the in some of the worlds poore\x1e and mo\x1e fragileeasy-to-use, self-inje\x1fable contraceptive DMPA-SC nations. Our capabilities range from due diligence of(brand name Sayana Press).implementing partners, timely and accurateCrown Agents is working with CIFF to deploy grants to disbursement of funds to implementing partners,local partners who are commi\x1aed to improving access managing e\x19e\x1five consortia and running e\x17cientto family planning. The proje\x1f uses agile, innovative processes to sele\x1f the be\x1e placed localmodels that involve behaviour change, social media organisations to deliver proje\x1f outcomes. We bringand la\x1e-mile di\x1eribution to reach as many women as integrity to our \x1eewardship of funds in complexpossible. We \x1eudy examples of where weve had the environments and a commitment to being e\x17cient,greate\x1e impa\x1f and apply lessons learned elsewhere re\x1bonsive and tran\x1barent about results.to scale up and reach more women.Our work on these four funds takes place globally, atThe contraceptives are di\x1eributed at co\x1e by local scale and with signicant reach. Through them weorganisations in some places and free by community are:groups in others. Preventing and controlling the deva\x1eating impa\x1f ofAcross the programme, through ten grants in eight negle\x1fed tropical diseases on millions of people in 12countries throughout Africa and Asia: countries across Southern and Ea\x1eern Africa and Over 275,000 units of Sayana Press have been South Asia. admini\x1eered so far.Empowering women and girls in eight countries to 19% of these units were admini\x1eered to new users IMPACT Crown Agents has been professional andmake their own family planning choices. of contraceptives, which means over 52,000 people $\x18\x17\x1b MILLION procient, paying a\x0fention to critical detail as Building much-needed humanitarian capacity inwere accessing family planning for the r\x1e time. well as driving overall progress of the grantsMyanmar.Alongside di\x1eribution, around 2,800 providers have ENTRUSTED TO USand maintaining good relationships with Providing 10 million people with life-savingbeen trained to provide Sayana Press. TO DELIVER IMPACTgrantees. They deploy funds quickly andhealthcare in South Sudan.At the grant and country level: e\x1cciently in ways that are opportuni\x1eic yet In Madagascar, over 11,000 unintended pregnancies OVER \x1c have been averted, and approximately 538,000 people MAJOR FUNDS exible and value for money. were reached with messaging about Sayana Press.Childrens Inve\x1fment Fund FoundationTALK TO: BRENDA DEMPSEY / Principal Fund Management Consultantbrenda.dempsey@crownagents.co.uk*Gu\x1amacher In\x1eitute Fa\x1fsheet, 2017'