b'04 /This year, as I have visited Crown Agents work around the world, I have been in\x1dired by the dire\x1f10 million people / impa\x1f we have on peoples lives from access to cheaper, higher quality drugs to e\x1ccient solar power in refugee camps. in South Sudan, over 80% of the population, provided with life-saving healthcareIn all our proje\x1fs we work in collaboration with others. I am excited about the potential for us to partner with the private se\x1for, philanthropi\x1es, donors and inve\x1eors to accelerate progress. What Crown AgentsSaved over $31 million in public funds /uniquely brings is the know how of operational delivery in challenging places, how to \x1bot and seize opportunities to make a greater impa\x1f and how to innovate to deliver at scale. for the Government of Ghana in 2019. $1 billion saved over la\x1e 10 yearsI am particularly delighted this year that Crown Agents has been sele\x1fed to turn our know how to tackling ve of the mo\x1e deva\x1eating negle\x1fed tropical diseases in 12 countries, with the unprecedented inve\x1ement of 220 million from UK Aid. The ambitious ASCEND programme will help millions of theSupplying treatment to 12 countries / worlds poore\x1e people who are a\x19e\x1fed by disability, disgurement, \x1eigma and death from lymphaticacross Southern and Ea\x1eern Africa and South Asia to tackle 5 Negle\x1fed Tropical Diseaseslariasis, onchocerciasis, schi\x1eosomiasis, visceral leishmaniasis and trachoma.Now in my second year at Crown Agents I can also witness remarkable progress in some individual countries. Sierra Leone is a good example of a country focused on recovering from hi\x1eoric coni\x1f and$750 million /the deva\x1eation of Ebola from 2014-2016. When I arrived at Crown Agents at the end of 2017, our team in Sierra Leone had scaled down, quite rightly, from the very sizable rapid re\x1bonse team that hadentru\x1eed to us to provide impa\x1f over 4 major funds delivering humanitarian assi\x1eance,e\x19e\x1fively helped the country emerge from its Ebola epidemic. supporting reprodu\x1five health and tackling disease Over the la\x1e 18 months we have worked tirelessly with the Government of Sierra Leone on the next63% /challenge, to build and \x1erengthen its sy\x1eems for the e\x19e\x1five delivery of priority public services.We are focusing on tackling the unacceptably high rates of child mortality. And we now work with theof Internally Di\x1blaced People reached through humanitarian programmes in MyanmarMini\x1ery of Health to ensure they have a \x1erong and e\x19e\x1five supply chain unit that can providelifesaving commodities to pregnant women, la\x1fating mothers, children under ve, school \x1eudents and Ebola survivors. 70 development proje\x1ds in 50 countries /We continue to work across a wide and diverse range of countries. We bol\x1eer the local sy\x1eems ofmanaged on behalf of the Japanese Governmenthumanitarian re\x1bonse in Myanmar, while delivering clean water to those in need. We illuminate schools in Paki\x1ean with clean energy so that young girls can learn. And we work in fragile countries like Iraq and Libya to help \x1eabilise their local governments and public services to deliver for their people.12,000 schools /I am immensely proud of all the work we have achieved this year to accelerate self-su\x17ciency and pro\x1berity around the world. With the SDG deadline of 2030 only a decade away, now is the time toacross the Punjab region in Paki\x1ean to benet from solar ele\x1frication harness innovation, catalytic inve\x1ement and operational know how to deliver impa\x1f at scale globally. Crown Agents will be at the heart of this challenge.2,000 senior o\x1ecials /FERGUS DRAKE / from 30 countries trained on 180 of our Training and Professional Development courses in 2019CEO20,000 handpumps /in\x1be\x1fed in 2019'