b"26 /SUSTAINING SELF\x1fRELIANCE WITH TRAININGAND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT /Through our innovative training and professionalA 3,000-Strong A\x1eive Network development programmes, we harness anWe are proud to have our alumni as Crown Agents individuals potential to accelerate positive changeambassadors. We recently had the pleasure of in their organisation and play a greater role in theirwelcoming one of our mo\x1e loyal clients, Abraham nations progress.Nkata, as an alumnus. Abraham currently sits as a We work with governments, NGOs, private and publicTribunal Member on the Public Procurement and se\x1for organisations to help them nd la\x1eingDi\x1bosal of Assets Appeals Tribunal, Uganda, a solutions to challenges.quasi-judicial body where he participates in the public appeals process. He has been involved in developing Since 1960, weve trained nearly 60,000the national Public Se\x1for Procurement Policy and professionals in over 100 countries.amendments to Uganda's procurement legislation. As well as Open Scheduled programmes, we haveAbraham has a\x1aended ve Crown Agents training designed and implemented Cu\x1eomised Trainingprogrammes since 1980. He expressed to us that the programmes for governments and organisationstraining he has undertaken throughout the years has around the world. Our programmes are o\x1cenbeen fundamental to his career traje\x1fory and has \x1bonsored by major international donors andmade him a be\x1aer professional and leader within the in\x1eitutions such as the World Bank, the Africanprocurement se\x1for. Were pleased to have been there Development Bank, UN Agencies, USAID and GIZ.at every \x1eep of his professional journey. Cu\x1eomised programmes o\x19er us the chance toWe know that when delegates get back to the o\x17ce is support individuals within the contexts of their ownwhen the hard work of driving change begins. Thats development. For example, we've been there aswhy were commi\x1aed to providing a lifetime service for Ethiopia's reforms \x1eart to unlock more dynamicour clients. private se\x1for growth. We have trained over 4,000 National Bank of Ethiopia and Commercial Bank ofTALK TO: ALEX TYUMENIN / Ethiopia \x1ea\x19 in teambuilding, management and theA\x1fing Head of Training and Professional Development technical a\x1be\x1fs of nancial services.alex.tyumenin@crownagents.co.ukIn support of opening up regional economies to greater trade opportunities, weve given exportTALK TO: PENNY GRUBER /IMPACTtraining to more than 350 SMEs across Ea\x1eern EuropeHead of Training and Professional DevelopmentSINCE \x15\x14\x1a\x1b WEVE BUILT THE CAPACITY and Central Asia.penny.gruber@crownagents.co.uk OUR ALUMNI NETWORKTo support new infra\x1eru\x1fure a\x1cer years of war andOF NEARLY \x1a\x1b,\x1b\x1b\x1b PROFESSIONALS INCURRENTLY HAS NEARLYde\x1eru\x1fion in Iraq, in partnership with the UN, we haveOVER \x15\x1b\x1b COUNTRIES \x15,\x18\x18\x18supported more than 250 procurement and contra\x1f managers in rebuilding the country.WE HAVE DELIVERED EXPORT AND Our AlumniACTIVE MEMBERS ACROSS We under\x1eand how professional relationships,TRADE TRAINING TO MORE THAN \x19\x17\x1b maintained through ongoing peer networks, can helpEUROPEAN SMEs THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE delegates to be\x1aer deploy their newly-acquired skillsSECTORSback in their roles a\x1cer training. So this year we launched a new, international alumni network o\x19eringIN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE UN,support opportunities for delegates, for months andWE HAVE SUPPORTED OVER \x16\x17\x1b even years a\x1cer training. Delegates also gain access to a global network of professionals.PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACT MANAGERS WORKING TO REBUILD IRAQ"