b'08 /EMPOWERING LOCAL GROUPS TO MEET THE NEEDS OF NEARLY \x1c\x1b\x1b,\x1b\x1b\x1b PEOPLE IN MYANMAR /We are the only major Home to one of the worlds longe\x1e-running internalSmall grants are di\x1eributed to these local funder to have commi\x0fedconi\x1fs, Myanmar su\x10ers from economicorganisations to ensure the learning dire\x1fly impa\x1fs \x1eagnation and the e\x10e\x1fs of climate change. a\x19e\x1fed populations. With more than 53 grants resources to Rakhine forIts the third mo\x1e disa\x1eer-prone country in thedi\x1eributed to local delivery, enablement, rapid longer than 12 months world. All this has led to huge numbers of di\x1dlacedre\x1bonse and innovation groups, the programme is and to su\x1eain thesepeople in recent years.currently Crown Agents mo\x1e diverse commitments until 2020 But international aid groups \x1eruggle to reach thefund-management por\x11olio. In line with the mo\x1e vulnerable parts of the country to deliver food,localisation Grand Bargain commitments at the 2016 Sonia Zambakides medicine and other basic supplies. LocalWorld Humanitarian Summit, predi\x1fable, multi-year DFID-funded HARP-F organisations are key to reaching remote, hard hitnancing also goes to 86% of HARP-Fs grant Programme Lead areas. With their in-depth community knowledge, theypartners. This gives them time to try various solutions are the ideal r\x1e re\x1bonders at the heart of theto the complex situation in Myanmar. Humanitarian Assi\x1eance and Resilience ProgrammeCapacity enhancement is also part of HARP-Fs Facility (HARP-F) programme.broader \x1erategy to ensure that local organisations are the drivers of proje\x1fs rather than passive aid Funded by DFID and delivered by Crown Agents, the \x1a\x15% programme is built on the growing under\x1eanding thatrecipients. We \x1erengthen local expertise through localisation can transform humanitarian assi\x1eance.assessments and tailored capacity-building plans. HARP-F has a dedicated network of some 37 local andThe framework gives organisations a chance to ree\x1f international organisations and uses innovativeon their work compared to recognised be\x1e pra\x1fice, methods to address Myanmars acute humanitarianidentify elements that need to be changed and dene OF IDPs REACHED BYneeds.their own development \x1erategies. This collaboration enables HARP-F to use a unique,Working with 37 partners has enabled Crown Agents to HUMANITARIAN PROGRAMMES create a shorter re\x1bonse chain, ge\x1aing fa\x1eer multifaceted approach to addressing Myanmarsassi\x1eance to the people of Myanmar. To date, our protra\x1fed crisis. In the short term, the programmecollaborative network has met the humanitarian aims to meet the needs of newly di\x1blaced people andneeds of approximately 400,000 citizens a\x19e\x1fed by those living in remote areas. This includes providingconi\x1f and di\x1blacement. And its set to expand.essential water, sanitation and hygiene services to 70% of internally di\x1blaced people (IDPs) in camps inTALK TO: SONIA ZAMBAKIDES / Rakhine State; ensuring 12,000 families in northern \x1b\x18\x18,\x18\x18\x18\x1b\x1a.\x16M \x19\x15 Rakhine receive food assi\x1eance; and providingDFID-funded HARP-F Programme Leadcommunity-based prote\x1fion to 40,000 IDPs insonia.zambakides@crownagents.co.ukgovernment and non-government-controlled areas of BENEFICIARIES REACHED COMMITTED GRANTS Kachin and northern Shan. SEPTEMBER \x16\x15\x14\x12 MAY \x16\x15\x14\x12 The programme also seeks to address the long-term \x12 \x15\x12 drivers of problems like food insecurity and poor hygiene, to bol\x1eer the communities ability to with\x1eand emergencies. This means Partnering for SECTORS WASH PROTECTION SHELTER HEALTH FOOD NUTRITION LIVELIHOODS PARTNERS Resilience with civil-society development a\x1fors by o\x19ering resilience training to help prepare them to be\x1aer re\x1bond to crises.'