b'20 /HALF A CENTURY OF DEVELOPMENT WORK WITH JAPAN /Crown Agents Japan has been headquartered inKenyaTokyo for more than 50 years. We came in 1967 toThis year the Kenyan government was awarded 2.1 in\x1de\x1f and procure Japanese produ\x1fs for itsmillion in Japanese grant aid to procure 17 overseas programmes worldwide, and 20 years later\x1eate-of-the-art \x1beedboats to \x1erengthen its the Japanese government named Crown Agents itsmonitoring of illegal shing in the Indian Ocean.o\x1ccial procurement agent for overseasThe boats will be used and managed by the Kenyan development. Crown Agents Japan currentlyMaritime Police Unit and will also help to enhance the manages a por\x0bolio of 70 aid proje\x1fs in 50countrys anti-terrorism \x1erategy.countries around the globe. STRENGTHENING HEALTHCAREZambia In 2016, Zambia received 1.4 million in grants to improve healthcare and broaden access to medical services. In 2018, we procured digital X-ray equipment for 13 local ho\x1bitals across the country. The machines enable fa\x1eer diagno\x1eic reporting and will reduce the number of patients referred to larger in\x1eitutions, bene\x1aing an e\x1eimated 2.4 million citizens.Ethiopia The Ethiopian government \x1bent some of its 1.4 million in grant aid awarded in 2016 on a digital mammography sy\x1eem and new \x1eate-of-the-art surgical equipment. These improvements will help the government to tackle the growing challenge of non-communicable diseases, with around 20,000 Ethiopians set to benet. IMPACT KosovoTALK TO: EI YAMASHITA / The University Clinical Centre of Kosovo (UCCK) in \x16.\x1c MILLION ZAMBIANSPri\x1eina, the capital city, is the countrys mainPresident, Crown Agents Japanei.yamashita@jp.crownagents.comACCESSED IMPROVEDhealthcare in\x1eitution, o\x19ering mo\x1e \x1becialised medical services and performing more than 20,000 HEALTHCARE SERVICESoperations a year. But funding shor\x11alls in pa\x1e years forced the facility to cut back on some services.FOLLOWING INSTALLATION OFIn 2017, Kosovo was awarded 1 million in grant aid, which enabled the purchase of X-ray and medical GRANT AID X\x1fRAY MACHINESimaging equipment for UCCK. The new machines are vital for ensuring ho\x1bitals provide high \x1eandards of \x18\x19 COUNTRIES REACHED care for patients all over the country.SINCE \x15\x14\x13\x18 CA JAPAN CURRENTLY MANAGES \x18\x1b PROJECTS IN \x17\x1b COUNTRIES'