b'18 /END TO END SUPPLY CHAIN /Crown Agents designs and implements end-to-end, high-performing supply solutions, supporting government, private se\x1for and donor commodity programmes as a \x1deciali\x1e partner.Our end-to-end o\x10ering treats the supply chain as an integrated whole to improve planning, unlock performance opportunities and ensure secure, accurate and traceable delivery of goods to those who need them.WE PROCURE WE DELIVER WE STORE WE INSPECTProcurement expertise has been at the core of CrownWe deliver con\x1eru\x1fion and solar equipment,We provide \x1eorage solutions in challengingWe o\x19er reassurance to organisations that supplies Agents Supply Chain Services since 1833. This meansessential health produ\x1fs and crucial humanitarianenvironments. We always follow internationalare safe, e\x19e\x1five and t for purpose. From appraising that both Crown Agents and our clients can access anaid to some of the worlds mo\x1e remote, volatile\x1eandards during all phases of our \x1eorage andvendors, to pre- and po\x1e-shipment in\x1be\x1fions, to e\x1eablished pool of suppliers and manufa\x1furers -regions. O\x1cen were operating amid epidemics,di\x1eribution proje\x1fs. This ensures the quality andsupervising loading and unloading, our in\x1be\x1fors while beneting from economies of scale. We operatenatural disa\x1eers or other life-threatening situations.shelf life of crucial produ\x1fs like pharmaceuticals andwork behind the scenes to check produ\x1fs at all according to international be\x1e pra\x1fice and theWe deliver aid to the nal mile, wherever it is needed.prote\x1fs consumers from being exposed topoints in the supply chain. This safeguards again\x1e highe\x1e ethical \x1eandards and make sure our clientscounterfeit or expired drugs. national and international supply-chain risks. We are ge\x1aing the maximum e\x17ciency, quality and valuemake sure our clients produ\x1fs meet expe\x1fations for their money. and comply both with the law and our high \x1eandards for ethics and su\x1eainability. Supplying Vehicles to Remote RegionsIn 2019, we shipped approximately 600 vehicles to Aid for War-Torn Syria61 countries, including to remote regions and fragileWe are currently providing a full-service warehousing Bringing Life-Saving Medicines to Zimbabwe countries such as Afghani\x1ean, Iran and Iraq. solution in Turkey on behalf of a number of UN In 2018, Zimbabwe faced a critical drug shortageThis enables our clients to undertake theiragencies, for the \x1eorage, tran\x1bortation and cu\x1eomsEnsuring Safe Drinking Water for Bangladeshcaused by a lack of foreign currency. Seeing Crownhumanitarian, development and diplomatic workclearance of $2 million in aid supplies de\x1eined We were the in\x1be\x1fion agent during the pre-delivery Agents as a tru\x1eed partner, the government appealedsafely and e\x19e\x1fively. We are a tru\x1eed partner forfor Syria. of 15,000 Tara Hand Pumps, procured and in\x1ealled by for us to help replenish its depleted national medicalpartner governments, donors, diplomatic missions,the Department of Public Health Engineering in \x1eores. By tapping our e\x1eablished relationships andNGOs and the private se\x1for. Bangladesh. Our quality assurance for this proje\x1f will extensive network of suppliers, we supplied $1.8benet millions of rural residents by helping them million worth of emergency pharmaceuticals to theaccess clean, safe drinking water and by reducing Mini\x1ery of Health by the end of 2018. in\x1eances of water-borne disease in isolated regions. WE HAVE INSPECTED \x16\x16 MILLION MOSQUITO BED NETSTALK TO: GRAEME KELLY //TALK TO: TIM RUNACRE //TALK TO: STEVE GUPPY / Dire\x1for, Freight Forwarding and Logi\x1eics Commercial Dire\x1for, Trading Dire\x1for, Procurement IN \x16\x15\x14\x12, BENEFITING \x10\x0f COUNTRIES graeme.kelly@greenshieldscowie.com tim.runacre@crownagents.co.uk \x1eeve.guppy@crownagents.co.uk'