b'24 /ENSURING THE FUTURE OF OUR PLANET IN CLIMATE CRISIS /Tackling climate change is a global priority. countries develop su\x1eainably and adapt to climate The sense of urgency reached fever pitch at the UNchange. We create an enabling environment, build in September 2019, when teenage a\x1fivi\x1e Gretacapacity and information, and leverage nancial Thunberg issued a \x1eark warning to world leaders.markets.Governments have pledged to put the climate crisisEl Salvador and Guatemala and the environment at the heart of their internationalIn Central America, CEADIR aimed to address the lack aid agendas. In 2020, the UK in partnership with Italyof nancing for the clean energy se\x1for, to tackle the is ho\x1eing the important UN Climate Changerising demand for ele\x1fricity with the need to reduce Conference (COP26).generation co\x1es, and the dependence on imported As governments \x1eep up e\x19orts to tackle the climatefossil fuel, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.crisis, Crown Agents core capabilities in helpingOur work resulted in dome\x1eic banks developing credit partners to manage money and goods morelines to nance clean energy proje\x1fs and catalyse e\x19e\x1fively are being deployed as part of the re\x1bonse.private capital. In El Salvador, we facilitated a $10.8 Here are two examples of how we are helpingmillion credit guarantee for four banks and condu\x1fed governments implement renewable energy proje\x1fsve energy audits of bank clients. From academia, and accelerate climate nancing. food and ho\x1bitality, and agri-businesses, we Paki\x1fan: Illuminating Learning for Punjabi Girlsidentied inve\x1ements in energy e\x17ciency and solar Some 12,000 schools across Paki\x1eans Punjabpanels which could yield annual ele\x1fricity savings of Province are set to benet from clean energy thanksup to 64%.CEADIRs support has beenIMPACT in part to Crown Agents. Reliable provision ofGhana extremely valuable, since itele\x1fricity to schools throughout the academic year isCEADIR supported banks in eight We\x1e African DELIVERING \x16\x1c\x1fHOUR POWER expe\x1fed to increase pupil a\x1aendance in rural areas,countries, Rwanda and Uganda in expanding their has enabled us to adju\x1e ourwith a \x1becial focus on communities where femalelending to clean energy. Our transa\x1fion advisory work Green Credit Line for SMEsFOR HEALTH CENTRES INenrolment has been low.in Ghana helped to mobilise $6.6 million in local (Iniciativa MIPYMES Verdes)KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA Crown Agents Senior Energy Advisor, Jordan Fa\x1e,nancing for o\x19-grid proje\x1fs, adding 1,470 new \x1bent seven months in Lahore leading qualityele\x1fricity conne\x1fions and 6.8 MW in clean energy based on the needs ofgeneration capacity. One proje\x1f for the Mini\x1ery of exi\x1eing and potential\x15.\x18MW INSTALLED ACROSS assurance and in\x1be\x1fions.Special Development Initiatives in\x1ealled 1,000 solar clients. In addition, CEADIRs\x19\x1c HEALTH CENTRESWe wanted to give the Punjab government the be\x1epumps in 10 community and in\x1eitutional toilets. chance of receiving solar panels that were producedAnother proje\x1f from the Ghana Inve\x1ement Fund for training and technicalto the highe\x1e \x1eandards, said Fa\x1e. Su\x1eainability isEconomic Communications will build 400 assi\x1eance \x1erengthened theIMPROVING HEALTH CAREa key pillar of the proje\x1f. solar-powered small cellular antennas providing free banks in\x1eitutional capacityACCESS FOR \x16\x17,\x1b\x1b\x1b PEOPLE CEADIR/Accelerating Climate Financing internet and mobile phone service in rural areas that to evaluate and nanceAs the prime contra\x1for for USAIDs Climate Economiclack access. Analysis for Development, Inve\x1ement and Resilience renewable energy and(CEADIR) proje\x1f, Crown Agents USA helpsTALK TO: PABLO TORRES / energy e\x1cciency proje\x1fs,governments, the private se\x1for and civil societySr. Program Manager, Climate Change andwhich are perceived asmake the business and economic case for climateClean Energy, Crown Agents USAincreasingly importantchange mitigation and adaptation. Chief of Party, CEADIR business opportunities in In over 25 developing countries, our assessments,ptorres@crownagents.comanalyses, tools, training, and knowledge-sharing El Salvador. a\x1fivities have built the capacity of local \x1eakeholders.TALK TO: JORDAN FAST / Executive, Banco Hipotecario, We have mobilised nancing to transition to cleanSenior Energy AdvisorEl Salvador energy and su\x1eainable landscapes pra\x1fices, helpingjordan.fa\x1e@crownagents.co.uk'