b'14 /WE WORK IN OVER \x1a\x1b COUNTRIES ACROSS FIVE CONTINENTS, WITH DELIVERY OFFICES IN \x16\x15 COUNTRIES.WE HAVE SUBSIDIARY OFFICES IN THE UNITED STATES AND JAPAN.GLOBAL PROJECT /Accelerating Su\x1eainable Control and Elimination of Negle\x1fed Tropical Diseases (ASCEND) is a 220 million inve\x1ement by DFID to advance the impa\x1f and su\x1eainability of national programmes tackling NTDs. We are working with12 countriesin Ea\x1eern & Southern Africa and Asia and are targeting the5 NTDsin each country as appropriate.OTHER KEY PROJECTS /Our Technical Assi\x1eance Facility (TAF) for the Government of Lebanon improves tran\x1barency and reduces opportunities for corruption in Lebanons public in\x1e itutions. TAF recently developed a framework formajor \x1eru\x1fural reform in the Parliament of Lebanon , including introducing performance monitoring and accountability mechanisms.Supporting Sub-National Governance and Decentralisation in Libya is a capacity-building programme to support the implementation of a decentralisation \x1erategy in Libya and improve local service delivery .SOME OF OUR CLIENTS /Zimbabwe Mini\x1ery of Health and Child Care / Government of Ukraine / Syria Recovery Tru\x1e Fund /Childrens Inve\x1ement Fund Foundation / USAID / Foreign & Commonwealth O\x17ceUK /Department for International Development / Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation /UNICEF / Department for Business, Energy and Indu\x1erial StrategyUK / IRC /Ghana Mini\x1ery of Finance / Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon /Japan Mini\x1ery of Foreign A\x19airs / Malawi Revenue Authority /CA O\x1dce Delivery Country ASCEND implementation country'