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IT Products

We bring best practice and innovative solutions

We enable our clients to manage their operations while benefiting from best practice and innovative solutions for trade facilitation, customs, tax, integrated revenue authorities and debt management.

Facilitating the future with trips™We bring best practice and innovative solutions

trips™ is our fully functional and highly configurable suite of dedicated and integral products, providing our clients with the tools to successfully comply with processes and achieve their strategic objectives. We deliver value and sustainable through our holistic, people – process – technology approach while accommodating all priorities such as supply chain security and regional trade programmes.

Our trips™ solution suite includes:

  • trips™ Customs - enabling customs administrations to operate to the latest global standards and WCO guidelines, with single window capability and excellent intelligence and risk management.
  • trips™ Tax - combining VAT/GST administration features with the administration of direct taxes and other duties, permits and licences in an integrated taxpayer ledger, accessible via trips™ fully-featured online services module.
  • trips™ Single window - providing an integrated IT workspace which interconnects all systems of trade and transport organisations ensuring that all trade-related documents and/or information are submitted once only to interested and authorised parties.

For debt management

We are the official distributor of the Commonwealth Secretariat Debt Recording and Management System (CS-DRMS) and Securities Auction System (CS-SAS). These systems manage government loans and securities from external and domestic creditors and we work with user countries to ensure the systems are fully integrated into their business processes. For further information, see debt management.

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