b'IMPACT STATEMENT 2023Changing hearts and minds in Zimbabwe toCASE STUDYincrease vaccine uptakein zero-dose childrenIn Zimbabwe, Crown Agents provided technicalPreventing measle assistance to the Ministry of Health and Childcare (MoHCC) by applying our Results-Based Financingdeaths in MasvingoGOOD(RBF) model to promote demand for immunisation When the Summerton rural health centre in by changing behaviours and attitudes towardsMasvingo heard from community members vaccines in 20 districts.that a household was planning a funeral, The aim of the programme was to help Zimbabwerepresentatives visited the family and meet the Global Vaccine Alliance PerformanceHEALTH AND(GVAP) target of at least 80% vaccine coverage. discovered that three of their children had To achieve this, we engaged with vaccine hesitantalready died and been buried in secret. When groups encouraging them to give permission to theirspeaking to household members, it became followers to be vaccinated.clear that the children had died of measles.With four other children critically ill with WELL-BEING In support of our efforts, Community-Basedmeasles, family members were persuaded to Organisations conducted defaulter tracing andallow the sick children to undergo treatment. referred and accompanied unvaccinated childrenThey were transferred to Masvingo hospital, to clinics for immunisation.where they all recovered.In the last year, this has seen the number of Once healed, all the children alongside their zero-dose children shrink from 27,600 to 11,000Our work embeds the mission ofin the 20 low Essential Programme Immunisationbrothers and sisters received the catch-up (EPI) performing districts. vaccinations. Every child in the family isSDG 3 by addressing a range ofnow vaccinated.areas, including maternal andContributed to thechild health, access to life-savingreduction ofvaccines and healthcare services. unvaccinatedchildren by 60%in the 20 low EPI performing districtsin Zimbabwe8 9'