b'IMPACT STATEMENT 2023SUSTAINABLESustainable Solutions for Health Care Waste Management (HCWM):CITIES ANDOur Work with UNICEFCrown Agents has been working with UNICEF to COMMUNITIES improve healthcare waste management practices. In 2023, we worked with health ministries in six countries, Botswana, Azerbaijan, Somalia, Malawi, Tanzania and Iraq, as well as the UNICEF East Asia Pacific and Regional Office, to plan sustainable solutions to healthcare waste management.Crown Agents is at the forefront ofOur work included setting up national waste management committees as well as assessing the global waste management initiatives,quantity and types of waste being produced and how it was being disposed. By engaging with key stakeholders working with governments and citizenssuch as the Ministry of Health we identified waste recycling and collection options and generated long-to find sustainable solutions toterm roadmaps to improve HCWM, which included the technical specifications of environmentally friendly, environmental degradation.locally appropriate technologies.Across the countries we have worked in so far,our solutions are striving to reduce deaths in children under five by one million annually.We take a holistic approach bringing together multiple areas of Crown Agents expertise to consider all elements of waste management from:drafting waste management plansprocuring ancillary equipmentconceptualising climate models to measurethe environmental impact of improved waste management strengthening health and governance systems to drive forward improvements. We believe that successful waste management practices are crucial to ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages. Currently, 26% of deaths in children under five are attributable to environmental risks such as air pollution, smoke and unsafe water and sanitation, with poor waste management also playing a part.22 23'