b'IMPACT STATEMENT 2023From Ukraine to Syria:Being stronger together: working with localstrengthening social partners to build cohesion in Ukraineback better The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has critically damaged infrastructure and displaced At Crown Agents, building resilient infrastructuremillions. In response, Crown Agents International through locally led initiatives and Civil SocietyDevelopment (CAID - UK charity number 1192249) Organisations (CSOs) in preparedness and response islaunched an outreach effort to raise funds to support key to our crisis, response and recovery work.the Ukrainian people. By working with local teams, we cooperate withWith a grant from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), we worked countries beyond the immediate emergency. Wewith Street Culture, a Ukrainian NGO that provides are committed to assisting with the long-termcultural outlets for youth. Supported by the Lviv City recovery and helping countries to build back better.Administration, the Ukraine Ministry of Youth and Our approach focuses on strengthening resilience,Sport, and the Presidents Youth Council, the project rebuilding capacity, and addressing the longstandingset out to rehabilitate the urban centre of Lviv to challenges that contributed to the crisis. accommodate the increased numbers of Internally Displaced People (IDPs), whilst simultaneously providing a therapy centre promoting arts, sportsSupporting the peopleand culture. of Syria in the aftermathThe events organised in the centre help to connect and solidify cross-communal relationships between of the February 2023host community members and IDPs. With newly completed bedrooms and bathrooms, 134 IDPs are earthquake now living in the centre.On February 6, 2023, war-torn northwest Syria wasThe project built outdoor basketball and football struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. After morecourts, introduced classes in sports, yoga and than a decade of civil war and political instability, breakdancing and staged film screenings and board the earthquake left over 4.1 million people dependentgame sessions. Some 15,000 people annually attend on humanitarian assistance, many of them womenthe centre.and children. Following donations and a generous grant fromI stayed at the urban campIn Syria, our project Citibank, Crown Agents partnered with the NGO Orange to build 12 shelters and a water and sewagecentre with my family. We network extending to another 365 shelters in Afrin,built a water and Syria. Altogether, the shelters connected to thewere met by a welcoming network house around 2,600 people. administrator. Everything issewage system The sewage and water network was built withinthree months, which means the inhabitants of new, the rooms are clean,for over 2,600 all 365 shelters now have water, sanitation andthe common kitchen has hygiene facilities.displaced peopleeverything you need, and there is also a washing machine. I am grateful tothe team for their care. Camp resident, 4224 25'