b'IMPACT STATEMENT 2023Using data to influenceReaching the mostDelivered BasicGoing the last mile to policy to end preventablevulnerable in South SudanPackages of Nutritionleave no one behind: deaths of mothers andwith life-saving vaccines Services (BNPS) our logistics arm, children In South Sudan, achieving widespread immunisationGreenshields Cowie (GSC)Around six million children under the age of fivecoverage remains a challenge due to internalto over 1,540,000Improving accessibility to vaccines and healthcare conflict, widespread population displacement lose their lives each year. Often, the root causes ofand flooding. During the pandemic, it becamewomen and children resources around the world requires a reliable these deaths remain unknown, due to inadequateeven harder for the country to deliver vaccines,logistics provider to ensure effective distribution. disease surveillance, a lack of data and themaking children more vulnerable to the polio virus,GSC has a track record of supporting temperature absence of evidence-based policy guidance.particularly in hard-to-reach areas. in Nigeria controlled supply chains and is known for delivering In Sierra Leone, child mortality rates are among theSince 2019, we have been working with Gavi, thea myriad of commodities, including health highest in the world. Our Child Health and MortalityVaccine Alliance, to strengthen immunisationproducts, vehicles, emergency aid and relief items, Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) site in Sierraactivities in South Sudan through working with Reducing maternal andhazardous goods, construction equipment and solar Leone is working to tackle this by determining theour various implementing partners on the components to some of the most volatile regions of causes of child mortality and stillbirths throughHealth Pooled Fund (HPF).child mortality in Nigeria the world. We have experience working in countries Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling (MITS) techniquesFunded by the Foreign, Commonwealth andMaternal malnutrition can cause serious such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Nigeria, and Clinical Data and Verbal Autopsy. The high- Development Office (FCDO), United States Agencyhealth problems in mothers, such as anaemia, Pakistan, South Sudan, Turkey, Ukraine and Syria.quality data obtained from CHAMPS shapes policyfor International Development (USAID), the EU,pre-eclampsia, preterm delivery, haemorrhage decisions and inspires public health initiatives.Canada and the Swedish International Developmentand even death. It can also lead to stillbirth, low In 2023, our discovery of the significant role ofCooperation Agency (SIDA) and implemented bybirthweight, and wasting and developmental delays malnutrition in under-five deaths supported the advocacy needed for the government to access, Crown Agents in collaboration with Montrose and 23for children. CASE STUDYlocal implementing partners, HPF provides hundredsCrown Agents work in Nigeria is contributing to the for the first time, funds from the Ministry of Financeof thousands of citizens, especially women andreduction of maternal and child mortality through the to self-procure Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foodschildren, with quality healthcare, delivering servicesAccelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria (ANRiN) (RUTF) to treat severely malnourished children.across seven states of South Sudan.project. ANRiN is a USD 232 million project funded The CHAMPS Programme also supported evidence- Through our work with Gavi, we aim to ensure thatby the World Bank that aims to increase qualitative, based decision-making at the governmental level,life-saving vaccines reach as many children ascost-effective nutrition services for pregnant andDelivering life-saving such as the approval of a nutrition budget to tacklepossible in South Sudan. To achieve this, our teamlactating women, adolescent girls, and children child mortality across the country. So far, 500,000has been improving the national immunisationunder five in 12 Nigerian states. The key objectivesupplies to the people people have been positively impacted by thesupply-chain system, especially in remote areas.of the ANRiN programme is to expand access to programme through health system strengtheningA Toyota Refrigerated Vaccine Vehicle, donated froma community-based Basic Package of Nutritionof Turkeyinterventions at peripheral health units andToyota and Gavi and managed by Crown Agents, wasServices (BPNS) to reduce malnutrition.Having some 35 years logistics experience community-level activities which encourage used during a successful pilot programme. The vehicleLast year, Crown Agents continued working inin Turkey and widespread expertise in the health-seeking behaviour of families. facilitated the monthly delivery of vaccines to fivepartnership with the Network for Health, Equitycoordination of health and humanitarian hard-to-reach county cold-chain storage facilitiesand Development (NHED) to effectively provideresponse operations for UN entities, and 14 health facilities across Nzara and Yambio,procurement and supply-chain services in theGSC helped following the 7.8 magnitude supporting the increase in immunisation coverage. Nasarawa, Gombe and Plateau States.earthquake in Turkey with the successful Between December 2022 and May 2023, our effortsIn 2023, we delivered BNPS to over 1,540,000 distribution of humanitarian aid, including reached more than 150,000 children under thewomen and children. commodities such as supplements, dry food, age of one providing them with the third dose ofvaccines and tents.the pentavalent vaccine. Additionally, over 137,000 children in the same age group received themeasles vaccine.10 11'