b'IMPACT STATEMENT 2023Crown Agents TrainingBoosting the export-CASE STUDY and Professionalreadiness of small andCASE STUDYDevelopmentmedium sized enterprises (TPD) programme:in ZimbabweWorking with thestrengtheningIn 2023, we delivered, alongside the GFA ConsultingImproving Public Group, the EU-funded Technical Assistance to the Parliamentary Servicegovernments andZimbabwe Economic Partnership AgreementPrivate Partnerships support project (TAZEPA). Our role was to provide Board of Ghana institutions technical support to the Customs Division of(PPP) with the National the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and to As part of our partnership with GhanasAt Crown Agents, we believe that practical anddeliver a series of capacity-strengthening eventsTreasury of KenyaParliamentary Services Board, we ran a courseimpact-focused training can play a pivotal role infor ZIMTRADEs clientssmall and medium sized on Governance, Risk and Compliance for 80shaping accountable and transparent institutions.To support Kenyas Treasury, we workedmembers of staff that covered governanceexporting companies.with the Directorate of PPP to help build the Having trained more than 75,000 people since 1960,knowledge and skills of senior officials and frameworks, risk management strategies, andCrown Agents Training and Professional DevelopmentZimbabwe aims to achieve upper middle-income compliance protocols. (TPD) is a leading training provider for many publicstatus by 2030, a goal that largely depends onother essential stakeholders tasked with Crown Agents has been partnering withsector institutions.export-led growth and a business-enabling facilitativeensuring that PPP infrastructure projects are the Parliament for the past five years,environment to attract foreign direct investment.planned and delivered efficiently.Our teams on the ground work closely with a wideThe aim of the training was to provide delivering a wide range of programmesrange of public agencies to deliver programmes thatThe overall objective of TAZEPA was to assist focused on improving delivery in areas suchare transforming the way those institutions work.Zimbabwes integration into the regional andtangible knowledge that could translate into as organisational design and development,international trade system by enhancing theconcrete benefits for Kenyas economy. More agile leadership, effective governance, andThese capacity strengthening programmes harnessefficient project planning and execution helps peoples potential to accelerate positive change incountrys export competitiveness. ensure that critical infrastructure projects managing change. their organisations and contribute to their nations TAZEPA strengthened the capacity of 187 exportersare completed on time and within budget, progresswhether in procurement, trade, health, in profitable and compliant trading, providing themoptimising the allocation of resources.or PFM. with the knowledge required to access new marketsThese enhancements may also help to attract In 2023, we delivered training to nearly 1,000inside and outside Africa, particularly the EU, theprivate investment, signalling to investors professionals who navigate the complex landscapeslargest single market in the world. that Kenya is committed to transparent of transparency and accountability, compliance, andThe pivotal aim of the programme was to enableand effective PPP practices. This, in turn, good governance. exporters to benefit from the EU Interim Economiccontributes to the long-term economic Using real-world case studies and simulations,Partnership Agreement with Zimbabwe.growth of the country and positions Kenya as we ensure that delegates arent just recipientsan attractive destination for investment and of information but active collaborators in theirWhilst tobacco, minerals and precious metalssustainable development. learning journey. This enables them to gain a deeperdominate Zimbabwes exports, participants in the understanding of underlying issues while absorbingprogramme represented a diverse range of sectors, and gaining practical valuable insights. including confectionery, footwear, light engineering, organic health products, cosmetics and leather.The training simplified TAZEPA included specific events for female exporters Thought provoking andand a young entrepreneurs competition. Bycomplex issues, making them extremely helpful inincluding those stakeholders, the programme has made an impact as part of a bigger effort to increaseeasier to digest. The detailed understanding the bigthe earning power of marginalised groups. Recently,explanations and their the World Trade Organisation found that women picture.involved in cross-border trade related activities hadpractical application stood increased earning potential over those who only Course participant, Ghana traded domestically.out, a game-changer for my future trade endeavours.Tracy Mapfumo, CEO, Enys Treats28 29'