b'IMPACT STATEMENT 2023Foreword from the ChairForeword from the CEO We do delivery. We build trust and accountability.In the face of a world grappling with conflictI am delighted to present Crown Agentsand instability, Crown Agents remains 2023 Impact Statement, setting out how ourcommitted to empowering all people to thrive. programmes are transforming the lives of moreAs I travel around the globe, I am always than 70 million people in 85 countries.humbled to witness the impact of our projects on 2023 was important as the mid-way point of thecommunities on the ground. In 2023, I visited Sierra Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from theirLeone, where I saw first-hand the transformative Table of Contents inception in 2015 to their close in 2030. power that electricity access has for hospitals The central promise of the SDGs is to deliver realin the country, where many doctors deliver development and real prosperity in a world undernewborns or perform eye surgery using the light environmental stress whilst leaving no one behind. from a mobile phone during power cuts. We are That is why we have been pleased to welcomeworking with local engineers to not only introduce 03 Foreword from the Chair & CEOIntegrity Action, a development NGO, into thesolar panels but also the critical funding for Crown Agents Group. Integrity Action works withtheir maintenance. This reliable and sustainable power supply 24 hours a day, not only saves lives 0405 Our Global Work citizens to monitor essential services that arebut also lowers carbon emissions and gives job failing them and holds governments and donors opportunities for engineers.to account until they are fixed. Sustainable Development Goals and 0607 Where We Stand At Crown Agents, we aim to decrease investor riskOur ability to deliver projects and create and offer access to sustainable, long-term financelong-lasting results is underpinned by strong 0811 Good Health and Well-Being models which can facilitate affordable transitionspartnerships and the co-creation of programmes. to clean energy even in the most remote places.This embodies the essence of our approach. We are deeply embedded in the fabric of 1215 Gender Equality A trusted partner of governments, we are alsocommunities, with a unique ability to grasp the well positioned to act as an intermediary betweenintricacies of local contexts, implement effective investors and public institutions.1617 Affordable and Clean EnergyIn 2024, we will build on our existing partnershipssolutions, and provide essential training to ensure long-term change.with governments and donors alike to mobilise In 2024 Crown Agents stands ready to continue 1819 Climate Actionresources to where they are needed most. Toto transform lives and communities on a global successfully deliver the SDGs we all need to playscale. We will continue to push boundaries and Responsible Consumption2021 and Production our part in a collaborative, global effort to create leverage our expertise to address the pressing a vibrant and prosperous future for everyone.issues that challenge global stability.2225 Sustainable Cities and Communities2631 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions3234 Partnerships for the GoalsJames Cameron,Fergus Drake OBE,Chair of the Board Chief Executive Officer2 3'