b'IMPACT STATEMENT 2023RESPONSIBLE Helping to make Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) a CONSUMPTION reality across Africa and Latin AmericaAND PRODUCTION Since 2021, Crown Agents, in partnership with FCG Sweden, has been implementing the SIDA-funded Global Capacity Development Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement, which isdesigned to strengthen the capacity of partner organisations to use SPP as a strategic tool for Crown Agents works closely withachieving sustainable development.governments and partners worldwideSPP incorporates economic, social and environmental considerations into purchasing to reform, innovate and moderniseprocesses, allowing governments to support their strategic development goals while meeting their public procurement systems, improveneeds for goods, works or services.Under SIDA, we are providing training and mentoring legal and regulatory frameworks, to 33 partners in nine countries across Africa and train procurement professionals, Latin America to enable them to integrate SPP into their public procurement systems and practices.Our bespoke inspection and develop procurement tools. In each country, we partner with a combination of procurement regulators and policy makers, buyingservice: Ensuring supplies agencies and educational institutions to provide comprehensive support for the implementation are safe, effective and fit of SPP. In 2023, we provided 100 days of training to ourfor purposepartners, covering a range of subjects fromOur quality assurance and inspections business, procurement policy, legislation and action planningCA Inspections, operates from five regional offices through to the procurement cycle for SPP. Withacross the globe, supported by inspectors in various mentoring support, our partners have beendisciplines in more than 120 countries. able to apply this new knowledge to a range ofWe have many decades of experience providing a initiatives, including incorporating SPP into nationalrange of inspections from vendor appraisal to prelegislation and ongoing procurement processes andand post-shipment inspections, to sampling andprocurement training schemes, as well as draftinglab testing. Our inspectors check products at every SPP policies, action plans and guidelines. point in the supply chain for clients around theworld, from UN agencies to governments andUnder SIDA,we trainedprivate-sector organisations.Last year, we inspected water-drawing hand pumps key procurementin India and Bangladesh to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for marginalised and displaced communities. personnel in nineCA Inspections also supported critical health goals countries across (SDG 3) by conducting post-installation inspectionsof solar-powered vaccine refrigerators and other cold-chain medical equipment to ensure Sub -Saharan Africafunctionality for hard-to-reach rural health facilities in 15 countries. This meant they could store life-and Latin America saving vaccines, including for mothers and children.on SPP20 21'