b"IMPACT STATEMENT 2023THE SDGs-The Journey So Far Striving Toward the SDGsThe SDGs represent the international communitysOur 2023 Impact Statement demonstrates how our commitment to reaching 17 goals and 169 targetsdiverse capabilities came together to contribute to WHERE WE STAND with a universal focus on the planet, people,achieving the SDGs. prosperity, and partnerships across development. In South Sudan, our efforts with Gavi, the Vaccine However, we are at a crossroads. The most recentAlliance, have increased life-saving vaccination UN SDG Progress Report issued a stark warning: onlycoverage through the Health Pooled Fund (HPF), 12% of the SDG goals are expected to be met bywhere we collaborate with the South Sudanese 2030. Time is of the essence, and the goals are moreGovernment and 23 local implementing partners urgent than ever.to deliver essential health services and distribute Challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic,medication across seven states of South Sudan. the relentless increase in global emissions, andWe are proud to contribute to SDG 3 and advance geopolitical upheavals such as Russia's invasion ofuniversal health coverage.Ukraine and the war in Gaza have had catastrophicIn Ukraine, we deliver the Foreign, Commonwealth & consequences, shaking international markets andDevelopment Office (FCDO)-funded Support to Civil disproportionately affecting nations that were Society Programme, actively addressing SDG 5 by already in precarious positions.disbursing funds to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and aiding reconstruction and recovery activities that Only 12% of the SDG goals arebenefit marginalised groups, especially women and expected to be met by 2030. girls. This year, the programme has assisted some 14,000 citizens affected by the war.In Sierra Leone, in partnership with the Ministry for Health and Sanitation and Bamboo Capital Partners, our pioneering Sustainable Electrification of Public Services (STEPS) model supports the solar electrification of ten primary facilities serving 20,000 outpatients per year in its pilot phase, with a view to scaling this up nationwide and across other African countries. This not only contributes to SDG 7, promoting clean energy for all, but also ensuresthe fulfilment of peoples human right to receive quality healthcare.In Nepal, our involvement in SDG 16 revolves around supporting the government with public financial management through the development of SuTRA, a web-based financial management system used by 753 local governments in the country. In 2023, our UK Aid-funded Interim Support on Public Finance Management to the British Embassy Kathmandu Project enhanced SuTRA with a revenue management module that enables local authorities to contact citizens proactively via mobile phone to collect taxes.In 2024, we remain committed to ensuring that the SDGs are met by 2030. To achieve this, Crown Agents In September 2023, the SDG Summit convened inis dedicated to being the change we wish to see and New York, marking the pivotal mid-point of themaking sure no one is left behind.goals. It provided a platform for stakeholders to discuss progress made and to confront the stark reality that many goals are still a considerable distance from being met.6 7"