b'IMPACT STATEMENT 2023Leaving no one behind:Rehabilitated over 50ALSO PART OF THE CROWN AGENTS GROUPour global and localhealthcare facilities partnerships to supportGreenshieldsCowiethe people of Ukraine across Ukraine Your Logistics PartnerHaving worked closely with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health for 25 years, Crown Agents took a prominentForging partnerships role in supporting Ukraines health sector, helping it deal with the unprecedented impact of the war. Asto support the most the conflict continues, so does our commitment tovulnerable fundraise for humanitarian response programmesCITIZENS MONITOR.through our charity, Crown Agents InternationalWorking with the UBS Optimus Foundation, weEVERYONE WINS.Development (CAIDUK charity number 119224).resupplied 10 perinatal units across the countrythat had been damaged by Russian attacks.In mid-2023, CAID developed the Childrens Resilience Fund for Ukraine with the UBS Optimus Foundation. The Funds aim is to support CivilAWARDSSociety Organisations (CSOs) in their efforts to bolster the resilience of children caught up in the war by providing mental health and psychosocial support through formal and informal education and recreational activities. This will address the safety of the children, prevent violence and child trafficking, and promote inclusiveness for children with disabilities, minority groups, and displaced children. Strengthening UkrainesWe are working with 11 project partners, reaching over 5200 children across Ukraine. health sector With Citi Foundations support we have procured and delivered over 1135 units of nutrition supplement In 2023, we have taken a lead in the early recoverypackages for newborns born early due to the stressesFOUNDATION MEMBERSof health services across the country, without whichof war. people are not able to return to their communities.To help ensure communities at risk have access toTo provide safe learning spaces for children to essential healthcare despite the war, Pfizer, UBScontinue their education, we worked with Pfizer to and GSK have funded the rehabilitation of over 50fund the CSO SavED, which rehabilitated four school healthcare facilities across Ukraine. This was done inbomb shelters across Ukraine and turned them into collaboration with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)functional digital learning centres. This ensured and the Ministry of Health to ensure we reached thechildren received continued education despite the most vulnerable populations. conflict, as schools in Ukraine are not permitted to open without a functioning bomb shelter.Ensuring reliablepower supply After Ukraines electricity supply was severely compromised by Russian attacks on the countrys infrastructure, we provided more than 21 generators to Ukrainian cities, funded by Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA). Through funding from the Pfizer Foundation, we provided the State Emergency Services (SES) in Kyiv with ongoing power supply at their headquarters through the provision of generators. SES performs several vital functions, including saving civilians from buildings damaged by Russian attacks.34 35'