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Supporting Democracy and Economic Stabilisation – Republic of Guinea Non Project Grant Aid /

  • JPY1.1 billion non-project grant aid committed by the Japanese government in 2012 to support the consolidation of peace in Guinea /
  • 7,209.35 MT of steel rebars, 67,161.29 MT of Portland cement procured /

On behalf of the Ministry of International Cooperation of the Republic of Guinea – Crown Agents, using their expertise in the procurement of bulk products issued international tenders for of 67,161.29 MT of Portland cement, 7,209.35 MT of steel rebars and two units of pick-up trucks.  Contracts were awarded and Crown Agents oversaw the process until delivery of these much needed goods helping to kick start the domestic construction sector.

Accelerating Guinea’s development after conflict

The grant enabled the government to import basic requirements for the construction sector fundamental to reconstruction efforts and boosting economic growth.

Under the non-project programme the partner government commits to establish a counter value fund in local currency resulting from the sale of the goods imported on the local market which is used for further economic and social development projects.