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Accelerating self-sufficiency & prosperity

Headshot of Yulia Johansen.

Yulia Johansen /

Vice President of Programmes - Crown Agents USA

Yulia has over 17 years of experience in international public health, energy, and environmental protection in developing countries and transitional economies. She has worked with multilateral and bilateral donors and technical agencies, including the World Bank, the European Commission, World Health Organization, DANIDA, USAID, the Global Fund, and national government ministries.

Yulia has 12 years of specific management experience in strategic planning, budgeting, staff development, performance monitoring, technical and financial management, and coordination of multidisciplinary project teams. Prior to joining Crown Agents USA, Yulia was with Cardno Emerging Markets (formerly Deloitte’s Emerging Marketing Group) as a Senior Manager of the Health Systems business line.

Yulia holds a Masters of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, a Master of Arts in Philology from the Moscow State University in Russia, and a Certificate in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University. She has lived in six countries and worked in 14. She is fluent in English, Russian and Danish and possesses a good command of French.