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Ei Yamashita /

President - Crown Agents Japan

Ei has been with Crown Agents Japan since 2017, when he took on the role of Director of Operations in Japan. He previously handled the funding reform of a global car part manufacturer, Takata Corporation, as a head of the project, preparing the business case for the sponsors and answers to due diligence questionnaire.

Before then, Ei spent 5 years in Hungary where he worked at a subsidiary of Japanese car part manufacturer, Ibiden Co., Ltd. Whilst in Budapest he was able to complete an EMBA course. He brings business acumen and perspective of private sector to drive financial efficiency, and standard tools and approaches of Kaizen to drive operational efficiency. Leading the Crown Agents Japan team through the challenges ahead in a wider range of geographies than ever before and contributing to the success of Japan’s Development Assistance Programme offers great personal satisfaction.

On weekends, Ei takes a relaxing walk along the neighbouring beach with his wife and 2 miniature dachshunds, to bring back peace of mind and recharge batteries for a fresh start to the week.