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Chris Cavendish headshot

Chris Cavendish /

Head of Quality Assurance and Inspection Services

Chris has worked at Crown Agents since 2010, when he joined our Commercial Training team. Before long he moved over to work as a Supply Chain Specialist, and now heads our Quality and Inspection Services department. In 2014 Chris was a key part of the Crown Agents team which managed the UK Government’s response to the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, a time in his career he is particularly proud of.

Chris is a great believer in the power of technology to improve the efficiency and integrity of the supply chain. He has recently been looking in to how blockchain can be harnessed to, amongst other things, create secure pharmaceutical supply chains that are resistant to counterfeiting. To him, Crown Agents epitomises best practice and making a tangible, long-term difference to communities around the world, as well as the governmental organisations which support them.

In his free time Chris can be found with his wife and kids, who know not to get in the way of the TV when the rugby is on.