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The Banking Toolkit /

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This 20 day course combines:

This course will equip banking professionals with a comprehensive set of tools and skills to face new challenges, create new strategies and optimise opportunities for growth in a fast-changing landscape.

Weeks one and two will tackle the challenges faced by banks in emerging markets, including capital requirements, lack of infrastructure, over-reliance on collateral, poor repayment cultures and competition from the international banking sector. Delegates will explore forward-looking banking strategy based around fee-based business, expanding operations via technology and the use of agents to increase coverage in remote regions.

In weeks three and four, delegates will explore the challenges and opportunities emerging from the new financial frontier of Mobile Money and FinTech technologies, including the role of cybercurrencies and Blockchain. Great opportunities abound as pressures mount on traditional sources of revenue, but challenges such as meeting KYC and due diligence requirements and smartphone vulnerability still pose big risks. Delegates will also evaluate how Agency Banking can assist financial inclusion and expand your banking footprint beyond major cities.

Course Objectives

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Develop strategies based around fee-based products and services
  • Understand the potential for FinTech to reshape financial services
  • Evaluate the benefits of Mobile Money, potential market risks and disruption and the environmental conditions required for success
  • Develop an outline plan for the rollout of Agency Banking services

Key Topics

  • Future-proofing the organisation: developing a unique proposition
  • FinTech and its role in the evolving Financial Services landscape
  • Applications: electronic wallets, payment services and other banking services
  • How Blockchain and cybercurrencies will shape the future of banking
  • Risk management of Mobile Money and Agency Banking applications
  • Developing a sustainable Agency Banking model

All courses will be conducted entirely in English. A proficient level of both spoken and written English is required by all delegates so that they are able to fully benefit from the course and participate in our interactive style of training.

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