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Delivering Good Governance in Practice – Remote Training /

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Recent and ongoing global events have severely tested governance in all organisations, from all sectors and all countries. The delivery of good proactive governance is essential for a successful and sustainable future.

This turbulent and challenging time, replete with economic, social and ecological risk and uncertainty, has made good governance ever more critical as we rewrite established national and international interactions. The stakeholder voice has never been greater, and the need for effective networked, integrated, and forward-looking governance is critical to the way we all make decisions and implement them in the future.

This course will facilitate your understanding of the fundamentals and universal concepts of good governance and the components of an integrated governance framework, and will equip you with the insights, knowledge, and skills essential to deliver good governance in practice. It takes delegates well beyond meeting structural and process requirements into achieving effective governance performance within a conducive culture. It will educate, enthuse, and empower organisations, teams and individuals in pursuit of excellent governance, responsible leadership, good management and operations. It examines the components of a fit-for-purpose governance framework and how this helps mitigate risk and add value, bolster reputation, and create a climate of stakeholder trust that supports effective well-informed decision making.

Course Objectives

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand the nature, importance, fundamental concepts and requirements of an integrated corporate governance framework within a global context
  • Clearly appreciate structural arrangements, roles, responsibilities, and authority distribution in an organisation and how these operate effectively within a robust accountability framework
  • Identify cultural, behavioural and procedural requirements of good governance, and how to meet internal and external stakeholder expectations and requirements
  • Appreciate the importance of effective governance and management of risk, control, compliance, information and performance
  • Develop an integrated audit and assurance framework to assure the board and senior executives, and facilitate effective oversight

Key Topics

  • Nature, fundamentals and desirable outcomes of good corporate governance, and recent developments
  • Components of a good corporate governance framework and the applicable principles, standards, regulations and codes of recognised good practice
  • Structures, roles, responsibilities and authority under good corporate governance
  • Cultural and behavioural requirements that underpin good corporate governance
  • Risk governance and management, compliance and control, audit, and assurance
  • Keys to good governance: engagement, communications, information flows and record keeping
  • Effective oversight
  • Evaluation of the governance framework and its effectiveness in operation

Our remote training courses offer: 

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  • All remote course delegates are eligible for our Alumni programme.

All courses will be conducted entirely in English. A proficient level of both spoken and written English is required by all delegates so that they are able to fully benefit from the course and participate in our interactive style of training.

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