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  • Humanitarian

    We provide swift support and enable stability in crises

    We deliver ​rapid humanitarian assistance when disaster strikes and reduce the risk and build resilience to withstand future shocks.


Humanitarian crises are on the increase, whether through natural disaster or more complex challenges such as those created by conflict.  Factors such as population growth, urbanisation, and limitations in access to food, water, shelter and healthcare all increasingly contribute to the impact the crises have on the communities involved.

We work to minimise this impact and to enable stakeholders, at regional, national or local level to build institutional capacity to enable on-going stability and financial autonomy.   Crown Agents can call upon a long history of partnering with donors and governments to provide swift humanitarian assistance when disaster strikes and to reduce the risk and build resilience to withstand future shocks.

Our role in the aftermath of a disaster such as an earthquake or devastating flood is to provide short-term stability through humanitarian operations and logistics support, effective management and use of funds and to support on-going recovery and resilience.  

We can be found working in the world’s most conflict-prone and fragile environments to deliver the often complex longer term technical assistance programmes that sustainably build a country’s resilience and ability to protect the vulnerable.  This can be ensuring that text books are reaching children in Lebanon or drugs are reaching cancer patients in Ukraine.

Preparedness & response

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Fragile & conflict affected States

Camels in Somalia
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Sustainable reconstruction in North-East Nigeria

Humanitarian Capstat

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