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Health building blocks

We help countries make lasting and profound improvements to health outcomes by strengthening health systems to provide:

Effective service delivery

We support effective and efficient health service delivery though oversight and management of crucial programme details, while also ensuring contract requirements are met and capacity is built through training and mentorship.

Access to essential medicines and equipment

We ensure a reliable, secure and cost-effective supply chain that allows drugs and healthcare products to be delivered where and when they are needed most. To make this happen, we modernise facilities and institutions, strengthen human resources and streamline procurement processes for better results.

Sound financial management

We ensure cost-effective and financially sound health programmes through grant and fund management, managing budgets and outputs to produce tangible results.

Reliable health information systems

We implement and support clear and effective systems for collecting health data, allowing programmes to demonstrate impact and performance. We design monitoring criteria that meet the needs of stakeholders and build capacity for evaluation through training.

Robust HR and workforce retention strategies

We design systems and institutions that keep health workers coming to work, through effective bankroll systems that ensure workers are paid, human resources training for better management and simple and straightforward solutions to workforce challenges that arise in any given setting.

Good leadership and governance

We help governments improve their overall performance and meet health delivery goals for citizens by working with the government to set and implement good health policy and ensuring the best delivery approach is taken and appropriate controls are in place.

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