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Reproductive, maternal and newborn health

We build government capacity, strengthen supply chains and procure medical products improve the quality of reproductive, maternal and newborn health. We work with clients to improve ante and post natal care, encourage more extensive routine immunisation, provide more reliable access to family planning and reduce maternal deaths.


We are a world leader in procurement and inspection of female and male condoms, and have purchased more than 3.6 billion condoms over the past 21 years for projects funded by DFID, UNFPA, Norad, and The Global Fund. We also procure and deliver a broad range of contraceptives and ensure reliable delivery - providing options for family planning at even the most remote health facilities.

Our work addresses the persistent inequity of maternal deaths, which occur 15 times more often in the developing world than developed regions. To reduce the chance that a mother will die in labour, we strengthen supply chains, oversee the rehabilitation of health centres, train healthworkers and midwives and support finance programmes that pay drivers to transport women to give birth.

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