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Our governance expertise delivers on:


Supply side accountability
Institutional strengthening: improving government policy and practice including public financial management to enhance transparency. 


Demand side accountability
Strengthening civil societies in social accountability, transparency and mechanisms to hold governments to account.


Fund Management
Designing and managing fund and grant management programmes globally, ensuring robust and efficient delivery of results, impact and learning.

What we do

Supporting public sector reform

We help public sector organisations improve their management practices. Through extensive documentary reviews and wide-reaching consultation, we rapidly identify the fundamental causes of organisational challenges. Drawing on advanced technical knowledge, a breadth of international experience and thorough analysis of the political economy context, we work with counterparts to design and implement best-fit solutions. Through direct technical input, advice and on-the-job training, we enhance organisational productivity. Contributing to efficient, effective and economical service delivery, we achieve development impact.

Managing donor funds

A trusted partner, we distribute grants to achieve specific development objectives. Through extensive market research, targeted communication campaigns and competitive tender processes, we identify the service providers best-placed to deliver. We rigorously scrutinise past conduct, policies and management practices, and award grants only to those who pass our compliance process. To ensure impact is achieved, we carefully monitor performance, provide technical support and administer results-based payments.

Mitigating fiduciary risk

We help donors understand and mitigate the risk of their resources being used for unintended purposes. We do this by analysing the financial arrangements through which they channel funds to beneficiaries. We identify the weaknesses in these arrangements and suggest measures for their improvement. Where these measures are adopted, the risk of misuse decreases and potential for impact increases. 


Our governance projects

We work to enhance the capability, responsiveness and transparency of governments to deliver services for nations’ prosperity and wellbeing. We do this through supporting public sector reform, improving public financial management and strengthening civil society.

Our capability statements 


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Fund Management

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