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Food security

We support business growth by linking producers and markets

We support business growth by linking producers and markets

Growth in the agriculture sector has been found, on average, to be at least twice as effective in reducing poverty as growth in other sectors. Our market-based approach to agriculture identifies buyers first, and then works backward to set up strong, inclusive value chains. We focus on income generation and employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups, including women and youth.

Among our food security projects, we are currently helping to implement USAID's Feed the Future Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative.  By evaluating current USAID programs in Feed the Future focus countries and designing evidence based programs based on research and evaluation, we ensure that future USAID programs include more marginalized segments of society and more effectively increase worldwide agricultural incomes.

Our experience and expertise includes:

  • Agriculture technology: improving yields and income through training and applied agricultural research in the areas of horticulture and livestock development.
  • Capacity building through training: providing technical assistance to national government agencies and local non-government organizations to improve the enabling environment for rural development.
  • Rural finance: increasing access to finance through close collaboration with private sector financial institutions.
  • Value chain analysis: identifying products and services that offer the greatest potential for local communities to increase smallholder incomes and improve rural livelihoods.
  • Trade and transit facilitation: transferring knowledge to improve trade between countries and regions and to strengthen storage and warehousing programs.
  • Grants and subcontractor management: crafting innovative solutions to enhance outcomes and greater global hunger and food security initiative impacts.

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