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We use our extensive experience to help governments build more transparent and effective procurement systems across all sectors.  In the health sector, we help strengthen the necessary procurement and logistics systems to ensure a timely, effective and efficient supply of pharmaceuticals and medical products to various hospitals and medical centres.

Supply chain management

Without consistent and reliable supply chain management information, the despatch of drugs and medical equipment is often based on estimates instead of actual need or usage, resulting in shortages and overstocking issues that can become life or death situations in the health sector. Overstocking not only causes financial waste, but in some cases can also affect the quality of the drug or vaccine delivered to the patient. We help governments create the necessary systems to ensure the essential systems are in place to the appropriate medical supplies are available at the point of delivery and meet the required standard of quality.

Developing systems

We help develop processes and systems that improve the quality and delivery of medical supplies to the point of delivery. By implementing detailed technical specifications, quality control processes and IT systems, we help governments make a real difference in the delivery of medical supplies.  A fully developed IT system that includes both procurement and logistics functions can transform procurement planning by providing stock usage and utilisation figures that help reduce waste and improve the quality and availability of medical supplies. It can also be used to monitor and report on supplier performance, streamline the tendering and procurement processes and provide a more effective response to urgent or emergency requirements when they arise.

In India we worked with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare as part of a DFID funded project to develop and strengthen their supply chain processes. As part of this project we have helped implement ProMIS - a web-based procurement management information system with an easy 'user-friendly' interface. ProMIS is a centrally designed web-based system available to warehouses and district medical offices all over India through a simple internet connection. It has been designed to capture and report on both procurement and warehouse stock levels and utilisation figures for central, state and district warehouses throughout India. The ability to monitor supplier performance, quality control requirements and to view stock levels at each warehouse will eventually provide radical improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the medical supply chain process in India.

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