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Procurement consultancy

We help countries achieve value for money and greater accountability in procurement

Reforming public procurement systems

As many countries have launched public procurement reform initiatives in recent years we have supported numerous clients to develop effective, accountable and transparent public procurement frameworks. The importance of procurement cannot be understated in developing countries where public procurement accounts for over 50% of GDP and even higher in countries where the private sector is small and the delivery of many services is undertaken by the public sector.

We help our clients to achieve value for money in the delivery of basic services, greater accountability to tax payers, reduced corruption and malpractice, and more effective aid by:

  • creating a sound legislative framework
  • developing a strong institutional structure
  • building organisational and individual capacity

Providing procurement expertise

We are a leading procurement service provider with a thorough understanding of the procurement procedures of all major donors, international financial institutions such as the World Bank and African Development Bank as well as numerous national governments. By providing professional and accountable procurement services, we contribute to effective programme implementation by ensuring that goods, works and services are delivered in line with programme objectives.

We work extensively in reconstruction and post-conflict environments such as Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq, Liberia and South Sudan and are currently providing procurement advisory services in Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Kosovo, Uganda and Nepal.

Building local capacity

Wherever possible, we ensure that capacity building is part of any procurement strengthening programme we undertake so that the enhancements and improvements remain sustainable. The training programmes we offer on all aspects of procurement including specialist areas such as procurement audit and investigation benefit from the insight and expertise we have gained in public procurement reform and other procurement services over the years. We have developed skills enhancement programmes for delivery across the public sector in specific countries. These are appropriate not only for procurement personnel but also for public sector staff who have an interest in procurement in a managerial role.

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