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We help governments adopt e-procurement to transform their public procurement system

We help governments adopt e-procurement to transform their public procurement system We provide independent technical advice and support to client governments and donors in the adoption of electronic government procurement (eGP). We do not offer or sell an e-procurement software solution and we are independent of software suppliers.

Our advisory services include conducting ‘as is’ analysis, e-readiness assessments, requirements gathering, preparing conceptual designs, drafting eGP roadmaps and support during the implementation phase of the project e.g. change management.

The introduction of e-procurement has been identified by governments worldwide as a powerful tool to enable the transformation of their public procurement systems and to reduce the cost of procurement, improve efficiency, encourage greater competition for government contracts and provide transparency on how taxpayers’ money is being used as part of a wider open government initiative.

In its simplest sense, e-procurement is the use of secure web-based platforms by a buyer to communicate and transact with suppliers in an electronic environment, free from the inconveniences, delays, and physical insecurities of any kind.

In the context of eGP it can cover:

  • Online publication of procurement notices to suppliers worldwide
  • E-tendering and e-purchasing, involving for example the capability for interested suppliers to download bidding documents from a website and upload bids to a secure electronic tender box.
  • The development of management Information systems to capture procurement data for all transactions and assist with procurement reporting as well as oversight and monitoring.
  • The publication of contract award data on the website of a procurement regulatory or oversight body.
  • Other power tools include procurement planning, electronic evaluation, contract management, e-catalogues and e-auctions.

Currently we are supporting the government of Yemen in the implementation of an e-procurement system to assist with procurement monitoring and this system will be installed in eight key Ministries.

We have also worked on similar projects for the governments of Armenia, Barbados and Rwanda.

In addition we have redesigned the procurement portal in the African Development Bank website to allow bidders and Bank employees easier access to procurement information and we run regular training courses on e-procurement in our training centre in London.

We also work closely with donors including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank and adopt the best practice approach of the multi-later development bank eGP working group.

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