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Debt and cash management

A vital element of PFM as governments seek to balance their budgets following the recent financial crisis

Debt management

We help finance ministries, central banks and sub-national governments to manage their borrowing with a focus on controlling costs and risk. We strengthen institutions, procedures and controls in the whole borrowing process - ranging from the initial identification of the need to borrow, right up to achieving full repayment of the loan.

Our expertise in public debt management enables governments to raise adequate finance to meet their medium and long term needs: debt and borrowing is necessary to finance a government's budget deficit, but this must be done correctly so as not to lead to unsustainable debt levels.

Debt recording and management systems

We are also the distributor of the world-leading debt recording debt management system, CS-DRMS world-leading debt software in use by over 60 countries across five continents.  This software enables countries to know in advance what payments they are obliged to make to creditors now and in the future, and to assess whether this is sustainable.  It also helps them evaluate loan offers from creditors.

Our debt management experts are leaders in the field. They provide support and advice to develop the efficient and liquid domestic securities markets which many developing countries and emerging economies view as a sustainable and preferred source for financing development and reducing poverty.

Cash management

We work with governments to develop effective cash management processes and procedures that ensure that funds going out more flexibly match funds coming in. We share our debt management expertise with governments.

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