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Grant and fund management

We deliver impact through innovative funding and grant-making mechanisms

We offer a one-stop shop for grant and fund management services that uses a multi-stakeholder approach. We bring together the different skills of governments, civil society, the private sector, philanthropic foundations and development partners and combine it with our own extensive experience and expertise. This not only helps donors to achieve their desired outcomes but also encourages innovation and fosters partnerships among stakeholders, leading to enhanced understanding of how best to tackle particular issues.
We deliver impact through innovative funding and grant-making mechanisms
We focus on ensuring value for money, delivering results and managing fiduciary risk. Drawing on our in-house legal team as well as project management and consultancy expertise our services can be provided individually or as a comprehensive package. 

Results-based management of grants and funds is essential for achieving both maximum social change and greatest value for donor money. To deliver this, we provide a comprehensive range of grant and fund management services for donors involved in all aspects of international development. For further details download the grant and fund management capability statement below.

Our experience spans a range of grant-making models, including challenge funds, pooled funds and other grant giving mechanisms to tackle a variety of issues. 

Our grant and fund management capabilities include:

  • Initial needs assessments and strategic programme design for donors.
  • Procurement of Third Party Service Providers to governments and wider populations.
  • Assessment and awarding of grant/fund applications, including due diligence and audit.
  • Capacity building work with beneficiary organisations in order to meet donor requirements, including work on organisational governance, accounting procedures, technical and financial reporting and M&E.
  • Project management of awarded grants and their deliverables.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of grant/fund programmes.

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