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Management & leadership

Managing to manage

Many people start off as specialists in their field but take on managerial roles as they progress in their organisations. This article provides the necessary steps organisations can follow to ensure a framework and appropriate support is available for individuals to perform their roles.

Social media in the workplace: lessons for HR Management

Social media has grown in prominence in the last few years as a way for people to connect with each other and share informatio. Yet many organisations still use the traditional annual survey as a way of engaging their employees. Most organisations focus on the risks and threats of social media. This paper presents a case for organisations to adopt various channels including social media to capture employee voice.

Do not wait to be made a leader before acting like one

This article from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) argues that you do not need to wait to be made a leader to showcase your leadership capabilities. You need to look for opportunities to demonstrate your potential.

Leading Effective Change: Three Keys to transforming your organisation

This paper offers an insight into the readiness for and resistance to change and describes the process of delivering and implementing sustainable change.

Charismatic Leadership: A Ronald Reagan Case Study

Charismatic leadership is a widely recognised leadership style. This paper adopts a case study approach to unpack charismatic leadership traits.
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