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NPGA - How it works

Organisations selected for grants

When a country receives a grant, its government will allocate the funds to individual organisations (end-users) in the private or public sectors. In some countries, governments will advertise the availability of grant funds, inviting applications for allocations from qualified organisations and businesses. The selected organisations pay counter-value funds in local currency to the recipient government which are then used to support locally-originated development programmes, in consultation with the Japanese government.

The procurement process

Crown Agents places a General Procurement Notice on this web site and advertises in the international and Japanese press, informing the international business community that a grant (or grants) has been signed and providing initial details of the products required. Companies are requested to contact us to register their interest in tendering for specific types of equipment likely to be purchased under the grant.

Crown Agents receives end-users' detailed requirements and draws up generic specifications suitable for international tendering. We then issue these in accordance with accepted procurement guidelines through our international offices. The process is wholly impartial and internationally based and all bidders are eligible to secure contracts regardless of nationality, provided they can supply goods of recognised quality at competitive prices.

It is essential for any company that is interested in submitting a bid to have the necessary reassurances concerning payment arrangements. The NPGA funding arrangements are particularly attractive to suppliers and apply in standard form regardless of the country receiving a grant. Crown Agents is responsible for effecting all payments to suppliers which it makes from pre-funded accounts held by a designated bank in Japan, nominated by the Government of Japan. Payments to suppliers are made on receipt of shipping documents and in accordance with previously negotiated contract terms.

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