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The history of NPGA

Non-Project Grant Aid (NPGA) was introduced by the Government of Japan in 1987 as part of its Official Development assistance (ODA) programme. It was a new form of programme aid that could quickly and effectively finance the supply of capital equipment to selected developing countries. It soon proved to be a success and the initial list of recipients has since expanded from just a handful of countries in sub Saharan Africa to a total of over 60 recipients worldwide.

What is NGPA?

The programme is a form of commodity aid, designed to fund imports that promote and support economic and social development in the recipient counties. Non-Project aid excludes turnkey projects, technical assistance, feasibility studies or consultancy services. These are handled under other parts of Japan's aid Programme.

It is untied aid which means that goods purchased under the programme can be purchased from anywhere in the world. Procurement and programme management procedures and guidelines are agreed between the Government of Japan and the individual recipient governments.

What are the benefits of NPGA?

  • Its relatively simple procedures to enable the quick disbursement of grants whilst minimising any additional administration strains on the recipient governments
  • The untied nature of the programme
  • Its flexibility which allows recipient governments to target each grant's allocation against economic and social priorities
  • The competitive procurement process employed which helps to ensure that goods and equipment are being purchased on a cost effective basis and the wide range of eligibility covering items that can be purchased under the programme.
  • Who can participate? Any company from any country may participate directly in the programme and tender for its contracts, providing it meets pre-qualification requirements specified by the procurement agent.

Crown Agents & NPGA

Crown Agents has to date managed over 130 grants with a total value of ¥189 billion (approximately US$ 1.772 billion) covering purchases from hundreds of different companies world-wide.

Crown Agents currently serves as procurement agent under the following country programmes:

  • West Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia
  • East Africa: Kenya , Rwanda
  • Central and Southern Africa: Malawi
  • Americas: Bolivia, Guyana.
  • Europe & the Caucasus: Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia.

Each programme has a wide customer base within the various recipient countries and inevitably their requirements cover a great variety of products. Typical purchases have included:

  • Irrigation pumps and greenhouses to help grow Zambian roses for export.
  • Locomotives, workshop tools and equipment to help refurbish the railway system in Mozambique.
  • Pick-ups and cargo trucks to distribute finished products in several African countries.
  • Bailey bridges, rock-crushers and graders for rebuilding road systems in East Africa.
  • Trolley Buses for Kyrgyzstan.
  • Fertiliser and Aviation Fuel for Kyrgyzstan
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