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Japan's Grant Aid for Food Aid (KR) – How it works

Selection of Food Commodity

The recipient government and the Government of Japan shall agree the appropriate food commodity to be procured. This will generally be commodities such as rice, wheat or maize.   

The Procurement Process   

Where Crown Agents is appointed as the Procurement Agent, we shall manage the procurement process throughout the life of the grant. The procurement is open to all Japanese suppliers and shall proceed as follows:

  • Crown Agents shall prepare a General Procurement Notice (GPN) and issue this on the relevant section of its website and in a suitable Japanese and recipient country newspaper to provide details of the pending procurement exercise and the type of food commodity that is likely to be required
  • Suppliers shall be able to register their interest in participating in a tender exercise by registering online
  • Crown Agents shall distribute tender documents to eligible Japanese companies and manage the tender process. Bidders may attend the bid opening ceremony at the Crown Agents Japan office should they so wish
  • Bidders shall be advised of the outcome and a contract shall be placed with the winning bidder
  • Crown Agents shall manage the contract and pay the supplier at the appropriate times under the contract
  • The procurement process is wholly impartial and shall follow Crown Agents established procurement procedures.

Further Information

Further details or questions about specific tenders under the KR programme can be sought from Crown Agents Japan office or, where relevant, Crown Agents' regional or in-country offices.

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