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Japan’s Grant Aid for Environment and Climate Change (GAECC) - Overview

Background to GAECC

The Government of Japan has long actively supported initiatives to combat climate change both domestically and internationally. The Japanese government's 2008 ODA White Paper pledged 1.25 trillion yen (about U.S. $10 billion) over five years to combat climate change. This support is being delivered under an ODA programme known as the "Cool Earth Partnership," under which Japan aims to help developing countries achieve both emissions reductions and economic growth.

Introduction to GAECC

GAECC is a global programme within the "Cool Earth Partnership" that provides grant aid to selected countries to develop their ability to tackle climate change. It is a flexible programme that is designed to provide equipment from Japanese suppliers to recipient countries and may involve installation/commissioning and training/capacity building components to accompany the equipment.

The goods and associated services provided can provide a diverse range of solutions, including:

  • Clean energy technology, such as solar and wind energy, to reduce the use of finite energy sources and promote alternative solutions
  • Energy efficient public vehicles to reduce pollution and climate changing emissions
  • Disaster prevention equipment and solutions to prepare for climate change induced disasters
  • Support for the water sector as global warming makes water an ever more important resource
  • Forestry management and survey equipment to help countries utilise their vegetation to combat climate change

Crown Agents and GAECC

Crown Agents has been appointed as the procurement agent for GAECC grants, which cover a diverse geographical area from the Pacific to South America. We manage the entire procurement process in close co-ordination with the other key stakeholders on the programme to ensure all requirements are procured in an effective and timely manner.
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