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We started working in Ethiopia in 1992. We have provided procurement, project management, capacity building and engineering services to a range of clients including DFID, USAID, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Ministry of Health and the Ethiopian Roads Authority. Highlights from our work include:

  • Project management and engineering services for the renovation of 50 medical facilities in four regions
  • Building the capacity of key employees from the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority
  • Improving research into rural roads construction and infrastructure to influence policy and increase access to health services, education and markets

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  • 44 Customs South Sudan

    Generating extra jobs and income in rural Ethiopia by boosting agriculture and trade

    We are facilitating trade of agricultural produce in Ethiopia to help reduce poverty and hunger

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  • 1000 health centers supported in Ethiopia

    We oversaw the assessment and renovation of healthcare facilities to enable delivery of large antiretroviral programs across Ethiopia.

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  • EC support to the Protection of Basic Services programme in Ethiopia

    We assisted the European Commission (EC) in providing recommendations following its support to Ethiopia’s Protection of Basic Services (PBS) programme.

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